About Us

NovaHotShots Tennis Academy is located in Stone Ridge, VA. All coaches at Nova HotShots are certified professionals. The coaching Philosophy at Nova Hots Shots is Continuous Improvement. We realize that money is being spent for tennis lessons so coaches at Nova Hot Shots make sure that players are continuously improving and getting their money’s worth. No matter what the student’s goals are we make sure that the student is continuously improving because we believe students enjoy more when they improve, it helps their self esteem and they stick to the sport longer. We never have more than three people in a class to focus on the continuous improvement of a student.

We put kids in different levels depending on their skill and move them to the next level when they improve. The different levels are as follows:

Red Level: This is for absolute beginners and the red dot ball is used at this level. In this level, students are taught basic rallying skills and basic serve.

Orange Level: Orange dot ball is used at this level. In this level, players are forehand and backhand technique. They are taught the different stances on the forehand and backhand and students will continue to work on their serve in this level. The court becomes bigger at this level

Green Level: Green dot ball is used at this level. The full tennis court is also used at this level. At this level students grounstrokes and serve are refined. Students are introduced to slice backhands, transition game and net game. The students is still considered a beginner at this level.

Yellow Level: The student is considered an intermediate tennis player once they get to this level. A regular tennis ball is used at the yellow level. At the end of this level, students will have solid groundstrokes and footwork. Students will also be taught the kick serve and they will be taught volleys and overhead so that they are comfortable at the net.

Gray Level: This level is for advanced players who are playing competitive tournaments at USTA level. At this level, the students are technically sound with great footwork. At this level, students mostly go through advanced drills. The transition from Yellow level to Gray level is the hardest. Students really have to prove themselves to get to this level.

Blue Level: Students at this level are usually the top players in the area. They are ranked high in the mid atlantic USTA division. This level the emphasis is on advanced drills, patterns of play and strategy.

Every year a test is given to see if the player can move to the next level. Students are given two chances to pass the test. In case they cannot pass the test in two years then the coach has the authority to take the students out of the program. More leniency will be shown when moving from yellow to gray or gray to blue level.

All classes are held at 41995 Greenstone Dr, Stone Ridge VA – 20105


One on One: $60 per hour
Semi private (Two students per class): $40 per hour
Three students per class: $30 per hour